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Our Story

Getting to know PRIYA.

Here is some further info about your kit and how PRIYA, pronounced "Preeya", came to be.

Kit Stats

  • Your kit is designed to be funky, comfortable, ethical, high-quality and affordable.
  • The luxury CoolSkin fabric is like a second skin, durable, antibacterial, breathable, quick dry, lightweight and is super stretchy to expand with muscles in 4-ways.
  • Our garments offer additional comfort as they are chafe resistant due to the cut and sew construction process along with being label free.
  • Ethically produced with a safe, happy and expanding workforce, where the focus is on career development and technology.
  • No harsh chemicals are used to treat, soften or dye our garments.  Environmentally friendly quality Italian inks are used.
  • Specifically designed with quality and sustainability in mind. 

How PRIYA began

PRIYA is an independent activewear label based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Created by owner and designer Nicola Henderson.

"It's my complete love of yoga, running, dance and fitness that has lead to this ambitious vision of the PRIYA brand.

When you're an active woman, it can seem like you are always wearing the standard high-tech fitness gear in pink and black or strong block colours which don't suit all skin tones.

Slightly trendier mass-produced fabric can be cheap, of low quality, likely to be unethical and throw away along with lacking the additional technical properties required for an enjoyable workout.

While the big sports brands and specialist high street ranges are increasing their prices and can feel unattainable. 

Effectively, I created PRIYA for myself as I regularly wear fitness apparel.  

I didn't feel particularly inspired by what I was wearing previously, I wanted to feel brighter and comfortable. 

I have suffered the annoyance, injury and discomfort of metal bits and jaggy labels on sports bras; even after cutting those off they still jag in. Don't they?!

I have researched and tested the products over and over, spending day in, day out in my PRIYA kit!  

I've worn them to yoga, cycling, at the gym, out and bed, camping and as a base layer, I live in Scotland, after all!

I am delighted and love how they look and feel and really hope you do too. 

My brand is named after my first yoga teacher, a truly beautiful and inspiring soul, so it is rather apt that PRIYA means beloved." Nicola.